Home remedies and Beauty tips to follow at Home

Do you want to look good, naturally? Simple beauty tips you can follow at home.

Do you wish you looked better each morning as you look into the mirror? Have you always stood gaping at lustrous thick long hair, shimmering complexion, and that hourglass figure? All women aspire to look good, more so in a healthy and natural way. Further wanting to look good without the endless trips to the beauty salon, use of multivarious cosmetics or any artificial enhancements seems an elusive pursuit. Well not really, the following pointers may try to help you achieve just that –

Eat healthily, consume a lot of fluids and rest adequately.

To begin with, check your diet. Ensure that you eat well-rounded meals, rich in fiber and antioxidants. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Keep away from excessively oily and sugary foods. Enhance calcium and iron intake for strong nails and hair growth. You need to feel healthy in order to feel beautiful from inside. Watch your weight and exercise. Keep yourself in good shape. If you feel you need to lose weight first enroll in a fitness program and get rid of all the excess flab. Drink lot of water and fresh juices, these flush out all toxins from inside while giving your skin that much-needed glow. Good overnight sleep is essential for good radiant skin and a bright face.

Skin- treatment.

Follow a regular exfoliate, moisturize routine for your skin. You need to get rid of the dead cells on your skin; remember to be careful not to overdo it as it may result in skin breakouts. You may use the following tips to make your own exfoliating scrub at home. Sugar scrub- Combine a teaspoon of granulated sugar, honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon, mix it well, apply it on your face, massage gently and wash off with lukewarm water. Similarly, you make mix a tablespoon of ground oatmeal, 1/4 spoon of salt and a little bit of water or olive oil, mix it into a paste and use it as a scrub. Exfoliating treatments may be done two-three times a week and preferably before bedtime. Sleep gives your skin the rest it requires after any treatment. Keeping your skin moist is also important. Dry skin ages faster. Honey, milk-cream, olive/pure coconut oil, and aloe are natural skin moisturizers. You may take a spoon of any of the above, gently massage it into your skin and wash with water after a few minutes.


Ensure that you include enough green leafy vegetables and sprouts in your diet. Healthy levels of iron /calcium are important for hair growth and density. Externally ensure that you massage your scalp with warm oil (preferably coconut oil) to enhance hair growth. Post this, cover your head with a steam towel (this helps seepage of oil into your scalp) and then wash off with a mild shampoo. Henna treatments are also recommended for dandruff and hair loss problems. Condition your hair after wash. Beer/curds are natural conditioners for your hair. Brush your hair at regular intervals of the day and do not braid it while you go to sleep.

Smile and carry yourself well.

Learn to smile; your face looks a lot more different when you are happy from within. Think positive, feel confident and walk with a good posture. Dress neatly in good comfortable clothes and never be conscious of the way you look at a given point of time. Most beautiful are the ones who are spontaneous, effervescent and quick to please.

Beauty mostly projects what lies underneath, be a good person at heart in addition to the points above; you will automatically be a head –turner!