Herbal Remedies for common ailments among Children

tips for children health

Children are challenging, further, when the child is sick the task is certainly doubled. You become desperate for the child to quickly recover from the sickness but are also worried about pumping his/her body with chemicals at the first sign of something seemingly minor. Here are a few alternative (herbal) remedies you may want to try for some common ailments that occur among kids. This way you may nip the sickness in the bud while avoiding the regular medicines as far as possible. 


Lack of a proper bowel movement or an irregular one affects the eating habits of the child largely. If you know your child is constipated, try and give a glass of warm milk with ghee to the child before bedtime. Some natural foods have a laxative effect such as soaked raisins or dates, honey grapes banana or fresh figs. Include these in your child s diet for a regular bowel movement. Prune juice is also an effective natural laxative for children. In the case of indigestion, 10-15 cumin (jeera) seeds +fenugreek seeds(methi) and ajwain may be powdered and boiled in water for 2-4 minutes. After the water is cooled this may be given to the child suffering from indigestion. Mint leaves are another herb used to heal gastric disorders; mint tea also helps to relieve colic conditions. 

Common cold, cough and fever.

This is yet another ailment that occurs among kids most commonly during season changes. To provide relief from cold/cough you may mix an equal quantity of ginger juice and honey to the child. Vaporization ( add a copious amount of salt to the water you boil) is an effective method to relieve the child of cold. Basil and fresh fenugreek leaves are also known to have excellent results in expelling the phlegm out of the child s system. You may mix three-four drops of the juice of these leaves with a spoon of honey and administer it to the child. To provide relief from sneezing, the juice of betel leaves may be mixed with honey and consumed. Fresh onion juice may be rubbed around the child’s navel region to reduce fever, this must be done while applying a wet cloth on the child’s forehead.

Skin  Irritations.

Coconut oil is an extremely effective medicine for most skin-related issues including diaper rashes. Turmeric and neem leaves ( a paste of the two may be prepared and applied externally on the wound) are also known to relieve skin irritations among children. Aloe leaves are a cooling agent and they relieve minor burns and cuts. Aloe vera leaves are also good for digestion when eaten. 


Warm two spoonfuls of sesame oil may be boiled, add half a clove of garlic. After it cools, put three-four drops of it onto the ear with the ache, this may provide relief. Likewise, the juice of the basil leaves also provide relief to earaches. Warm some licorice in ghee, grind this into a paste, this may be applied around the ears for relief from pain. 


Simply add lavender flowers into your child’s bath, it soothes the child and induces some amount of sleepiness. Regular gentle massages and rubs are also known to be beneficial for better sleep patterns.

You may have noticed that herbs like ginger, turmeric, pepper have medicinal properties for more than one common ailment , Ensure they are always stocked up at home. They would always come in handy on a rainy day as a quick-fix for your little one’s sickness!