How to Beat Depression?

beat depression

 You can beat depression- Top tips for a peaceful mind.

Do you feel totally blue, miserable, and like a complete loser? Most of us undergo this phase at some time in our lives or the other. The key, however, is not to allow the feeling to swallow us up in due course. Commonly, Clinical depression is a disorder of the mind in which feelings of misery, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with our routine and scheme of things. Some common symptoms of depression are

  • Insomnia or oversleeping.
  • Low/irritated state of mind almost always.
  • Feeling of worthlessness/low self-esteem.
  • Loss of appetite.

Most of the time you can treat depression at home, however, if this state of mind persists for a longer period of time it is best you contact a healthcare professional for help/advice. However, there are some self-care steps you may consider to combat depression-

 Sleep/diet routine to deal with depression.

beat depression

Almost all our health problems can be tackled by following a regular meal and sleep routine. Eat healthy nutritious food and eat on time. Ensure you get an average of six to eight hours of a good sound sleep at nights. Nothing refreshes you as much as a good night’s sleep. Include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. They are available as over-the-counter supplements or by consuming fishes such as tuna, salmon, or mackerel. Refrain from alcohol use or drugs.

Exercise plays a vital role to fight with depression

Exercise can relieve you of your mood blues. A good half hour exercise opens up your mind, uses up all your energy in a positive way. During a rigorous workout regime, the brain may possibly alter the mood-regulating chemicals such as norepinephrine and serotonin, and also releases endorphins which cause lightening up of your mind.

Everyone knows but no one does. Yoga/meditation importance to deal with depression

beat depression

Yoga and meditation are peaceful methods of controlling the mind. While yoga can work miracles on your body, it is also known to benefit the mind. Closing your eyes for about ten-fifteen minutes, calms your nerves and brings in clarity of thought and a new perspective to events.

Mind –control your thought process.

beat depression

Never exaggerate events in your mind, that does not overthink on consequences. There can be no black or white thoughts, but then when you are depressed you are prone to think of the extremes. Do not allow it beyond a point. Extreme thoughts stop you from doing the very things that will get you out of the rut you may get yourself into. When you identify an extreme/negative thought put yourself outside of your current state of mind and question that thought. Always remember, it is you who can control your mind at the end of the day.

Treat yourself well no matter what.

What do you think about yourself? Look at the language you use when you talk about yourself to others, are you doing justice to the person you are? Well if you aren’t; begin treating yourself differently in a positive gentler way. Always put yourself ahead of others, forgive yourself on and off. Learn to live with imperfections around you and also learn to let go. Look at yourself in the mirror and talk, pay compliments to yourself. After all, at the end of the day, you matter most to yourself is it not?

Depression is not a disease, it is a temporary dysfunction of the mind which you can take control of if you pay attention to it earlier on.