How to become A Minimalist at home

How to become A Minimalist

Stuck in a mess always? – Simple tips to clutter-free living.

Do you find yourself in a messy environment at home always? Do you seem to struggle to find what you need? Does this aspect stress you? The truth is many of us begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious and beaten around the idea of living in a simple organized home. While we haggle with this, we do not stop accumulating stuff around the house either. Bigger the family, larger the mess. However, this clutter-free dream may not be utopian as it is made to be. You may find the following steps to a clutter-free home quite easy to apply and realistic. 

Start with Simple Steps to become minimalist

Give yourself time – look around you in Home.

Assess the mess around you. Look at all what you have gathered over the years of running the household. Begin by making a list of all what you need and what you don’t. You will find that the clutter is mostly around stuff you really don’t need/use at the moment. If you think that you may find a use for these objects anytime soon, stash them away in a large box and make a note on it with a list of its contents. This way you avoid the repeated purchase of the same object.

Make it a habit to put away things in place.

How to become A Minimalist

If you have a methodical approach to storing things around the house, you will find that you spend less time searching for things. Stashing away things where we can reach out at that moment just adds a lot more confusion in a cluttered environment. You save a lot of time in reaching out for objects when you know where you can find it.

Begin with one room at a time.

Begin with baby steps, don’t step into all the rooms at the same time pull down things and begin sorting. This exhausts you mentally and you may wind up just where you started. Assign a time frame to the particular room, try and finish it on time, sit back and revel in the task you accomplished. This will motivate you to proceed with the decluttering task with greater gusto! 

Create categories and store accordingly.

In each room, try and create categories of objects you find there. You may broadly classify them into frequently used, rarely used and trash. Create storage places for them accordingly and stick to it. Trash will eventually have to be given away. Religiously make a storage routine in rooms and stick to it.

Involve all the family members

It is indeed a herculean task for one person to take on the clean-up act for the complete house. Make it a team activity, involve the children in the house, reward them for all the help they render. Show them how important it is to be disciplined and show them simple ways to keep their stuff organized and to independently take care of things. The older members in the family can also pitch in and help you as you proceed.

Trash disposal

Learn to take a call and dispose of objects which have largely been unused or not in any condition to be used anymore. Most of us procrastinate waste disposal after cleaning up the mess. The result is that the trash finds its way back into the house and we see ourselves back at square one. Even if you have been hasty in the disposal of a particular object, remember you learn a valuable lesson here. Either you immediately begin using the object you have bought or hesitate buying stuff you may not have an immediate use for.

All it takes is just a little amount of discipline among everyone in the family for a clutter-free home. Make the change today.