Is Keto Carcinogenic? Keto Diet Stimulate Cancer?

keto diet carcinogenic

What is a keto diet?

A Keto diet is a unique low carb diet having lots of fibrous benefits. You can raise your fat intake by consuming lesser carbs. It effectively puts your body in a metabolic state where your fat is burned for energy. There are many recipes of keto diet you can try and get benefits from all.

Why people are interested in keto diet than any other?

Keto diet has really proven to be the fastest way to lose weight. Still, scientists believe there is more to the story. The importance of a keto diet is highly exaggerated through magazines, and there is a reason for it. Today you can see people are going crazy over this keto diet due to its popularity. There are many reasons why people become curious and then take up this diet plan.

A keto diet is not a new term as our human digestive system is optimized for low carb meals. The human body today can process fats quite well than it used to. As keto comes with a high-fat low carb diet, it is, suitable for maintaining a healthy body.

It has many benefits that can lure people into adopting the diet.

  • Weight loss claims

As we know, the keto diet provides energy to the body by using body fat, it shows instant weight loss results. You can control your cravings as the diet will keep your appetite satisfied.

  • Blood sugar level

Keto diet is believed to prevent diabetes and other related health issues. It is especially beneficial for a person having type 2 diabetes.

  • Better energy

By putting on the constant energy source, it keeps you active for the whole day. Other benefits include maintaining cholesterol level, appropriate protein intake, etc. Benefits like these attract people and force them to try the keto diet at least once in their life. That’s the reason why today it is among the most popular diet routines. However, all of these benefits are short term and it’s a starting point for chronic diseases.

How it can stimulate cancer cells?

There are many types of a keto diet and many variations in the ingredients. It surely gives some benefits temporarily. But it’s essential to understand the complexity of the diet when it is linked with cancer.

A person suffering from cancer or even a healthy person can get adversely affected by the diet if not done correctly. What you put on your plate in your diet regime decides how it’s going to affect your health.

The most prominent component of the diet that can possibly lead to cancer is red meat. It is a kind of unprocessed meet with no flavoring. It can be eaten after direct grilling or roasting within a few days. The International Agency for cancer research on, in 2015 published paper claiming red meat to be carcinogenic. And guess what, it is the main component of a keto diet.

Other harmful elements of keto are animal fat and oils. It may help with cancer sometime but is undoubtedly bad for the liver. Unhealthy oils and fats can increase the cholesterol level and have an adverse impact on the heart. It can lead to diabetes, insulin resistance, and inflammation.

Although, a specific combination of the keto diet with radiotherapy and chemotherapy can help in improving tumors according to some research. Previously, A high-fat diet low in carbohydrate was believed to nourish the cells. For the treatment of antiepilepsy, fasting was preferred in an earlier era, and now it is replaced by cutting on glucose. If you really want something that can help with cancer, check out the benefits of High dose Vitamin C for Cancer and other diseases.

What happens when you suddenly stop carbohydrate intake?

Your body will go into ketosis mode if you stop consuming carbohydrates. It will become a tendency of a body to burn fat instead of carbs. All the protein and fat present in our body will be used to give energy.

This can severely raise the consumption of saturated fat, raising the cholesterol level. Which can lead to heart disease. You can have positive effects by cutting carbs from your diet altogether if you want a long term benefit.

What happens when you stop a keto diet?           

Getting off the keto diet, all of a sudden will surely give you some consequences. The finest way to be safe is to transition slowly with a low carb diet why eating carbs once a day. Going wild on your diet filled with sugar and carbs stands to wreck your body in no time.

Possible side effects you will be facing after wrapping up a keto diet are:

  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • Increased appetite
  • Raised blood sugar level
  • Sugar addiction
  • Irritability

Incorporating carbs in your diet after keto is very crucial. Focus on eating high protein and fiber in your meals. It’s natural to gain a few pounds after you start doing so. Therefore you must keep in control and do not spike your sugar level.

How the fitness industry itself suffers from chronic diseases?     

The fitness industry is flourishing among celebrities and influencers. Everyone is rooting for proper long term health. We know the importance of exercise and a proper diet, but it doesn’t work for everybody. Many of them themselves are suffering through various chronic diseases which are fitness influencers. There is also a large number of fitness lovers who have a keto diet successfully. Some of them are fine, but some are suffering from chronic diseases.

They all claim to have a proper diet and exercise every day to live a healthy and long life. Still, a large population is suffering even today. The only conclusion we can get out of this is, a single diet doesn’t suit everybody the same. As there are fitness influencers who are doing good after the diet, but also there are ones who are going through weak immune diseases.

The best advice is to go for a diet that keeps you mentally and physically active all the time and not temporarily.

How the keto diet speeds up cancer growth?

Keto diet has proven no positive effects in reducing cancer. But it can increase the risk of having it if not done correctly. When your body has enough glucose, it produces pancreatic beta cells which further releases insulin. Then glucose provides energy by entering the cells. If your body keeps on consuming glucose, it will keep producing more insulin too. The growth hormone and growth hormone receptors will interact and stimulate growth factors in the liver called IGF-1. Now it promotes even more cell growth and proliferation. Such conditions can be very detrimental for cancer patients for people who are prone to risk.

According to research, eating around 700 grams of red meat per week can increase your chances of stomach cancer. That is eating 50 grams per day can hike up the risk factor to 1.18 times. World health organization put a category of carcinogenic food that are possibly keto diet components. Foods like salami, ham, Frankfurt, bacon are carcinogens and can increase cancer chances. Whereas if you have processed meat in your keto diet, it is probably the most dangerous type and is already causing cancer.

How it’s different from fasting ketogenesis?

Doing fasting stimulates the ketogenesis in the body like the keto diet, but on fasting, unlike keto diet, they take only veg or fruit juices wherein the keto diet, it full of fat and animal protein.

Keto diet can fix few issues going wrong in your body like weight gain, but fasting can fix almost all of them. Keto diet is good as long as you do it. Once you stop, it can hike up the sugar level and start showing adverse effects. Keto may be harmful to people who don’t like red meat or have an adverse reaction from dairy. Also, some people prefer not to eat a keto diet as red meat is carcinogenic.

Issues such as skin diseases, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels can be easily fixed by fasting. Intermittent fasting is much better as it is a complete vegan diet with fruit juices. It is easily accessible and digestible. It helps in weight loss much faster than a keto diet.

Fasting has proved to produce some effects that help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. It helps in maintaining blood glucose, inflammation, and blood insulin.

It has proven to maintain weight loss after fasting for a whole 24 hours. Doing similar cycles of fasting can give long term benefits to the weight loss regime.

Another unknown benefit from fasting is it promotes neurogenesis. It stimulates beta-hydroxybutyrate that encourages the generation of neurons. There are not many studies on fasting here, but so far from whatever we have, it is the best kind of diet

On the other hand, keto consists of animal fats and oils that not everyone can go for. Also, there is a risk of getting keto flu initially. There are many risk factors related to the term, and therefore it is best to do proper research before adopting a diet plan.

People following the keto diet are required to cut lots of carbs from their diet. Another diet called the Atkins diet raises the level of carbs gradually, but keto totally limits the consumption of carb and protein. The Federal Registry of The Clinical Research conducted more than 75 trials on how keto diet harms heart, brain, and metabolic health.

Its action on your body is pretty damaging. It cuts back on all the glucose and produces another source for giving energy called ketones. Experts say it may be beneficial for instant weight loss, but it is not at all practical if you are looking for long term benefits. It encourages eating highly saturated fats that can gradually promote heart diseases. And it all comes down to bad health once you stop maintaining the diet. So if you can commit yourself to do this diet forever, then you can consider it.

Importance of a proper diet

If you have ever given thought about cancer prevention, a plant-based diet would surely cross your mind. A healthy plant-based diet can have many positive effects on your body and on cancer prevention as well. Check here how  Cure autoimmune disease with a plant-based diet to know more how to plant diet is essential.

It doesn’t mean you totally have to stop eating meat, but there will be more amount of plants rather than meat in your diet. A plant-based proper diet comes with phytochemicals and antioxidants that fight foreign attacks. Also, it helps build your immune system strong to not get sick where other meat-eaters can.

It gives the strength to your body to fight against infections. Therefore remember the step, eating is essential, but eating right is absolutely required.


To help reduce the risk of getting cancer, it is important to follow a healthy diet. Keto, on the other hand, has not proven to help with the issue, but adversely it can cause cancer. Components of the keto diet that doesn’t suit a person can raise the risk of getting cancer. Toxic components like animal fats, oils, meat in inappropriate quantity can really put up a risk factor.

It comes down to the fact, on how much of these toxic components you involve in your keto diet. If it is totally vegan, you are good to go. And if not, you might want to reconsider your whole diet system.