Tips to a Ravishing pair of feet

Looking good begins right at Feet.

tips to improve feet health and beauty

Our feet are unfortunately the most neglected and most abused part of the body despite the fact that they are the ones that work hard throughout the day. And therefore “Oh yes! Your feet can indeed be killing” if you do not incline towards taking care of them. Sadly most of us indulge in the appearance of our face, hair and the more self-conscious ones pay attention to detail to the nail paint as well. 

A pair of clean well take care of feet speak volumes about one’s personality and yes indeed that a lot of diseases too are known to get into our bodies via the feet.  It is not about a prim proper “designer” salon finish you necessarily need to give your feet each time, but it just gets done to basic cleanliness and moisturizing routine which involves a few minutes of your day.

Some simple tips to a great pair of feet-

  • Each day soak your feet in warm, soapy water every day, this soothes aches and softens the skin, on a temporary basis. It also helps you completely relax.
  • Invest in small foot care accessories such as a pumice stone a foot scrub over and above soaking your feet, you can scrub them to reduce the problem of foot odor and removal of dead skin. Remember that products found in your kitchens such as ginger, radish, and lemon are all ideal ingredients for creating a foot scrub that can cleanse your feet. 
  • An old toothbrush can come in handy to scrub the toenail, and parts under it. 
  • Dry your feet thoroughly post a wash and then moisturize liberally. 

Additionally, remember the following –

  • Dry out your shoes. Post all the effort on your feet if you simply stick them inside of sweaty shoes then the whole routine falls apart. Therefore air out your shoes (preferably outside) before wearing them again.
  • Wear shoes that let your feet breathe. The foot odor problem gets eliminated if you wear shoes that breathe well as against fashionable boots that crush your feet and retains all the moisture.
  • Remember to have a couple of more extra pairs of footwear, so that you may rotate them on a daily basis and not dirty your feet with the same one.
  •   Dress your feet as per the season; do not roam around in a pair of stuffy shoes when the sun is shining hard on you!
  • Air out your feet as well to keep them dry. Your feet usually smell is that they get wet (usually with sweat). Allow your feet to breathe free, remove shoes and socks when really not required.
  • Now and then indulge in specialized spa pedicures that contain minerals and salts to provide the right nourishment to your feet. 

Remember to not neglect your precious pillars of support quite literally – your feet! All it takes is a probably a quarter of an hour in a day, begin to take care of your feet you will soon realize that it becomes a habit that is hard to break!