Tips to Control your Anger

Temper tantrums can be handled!

tips to control anger

How many times have you been overcome with a wild wave of resentment, you clench your teeth and feel the hair on your skin rise? Felt like taking a form of a wild tornado that destroys just about anything in its path before it fades away? Anger is an extremely difficult emotion to quell and bring under control for most of us. You can only work on it, it simply cannot disappear overnight. But make a beginning, begin with the thought that anger destroys, just about anything you have ever attempt to build all your life and most of the time the damages are irreversible.

Some tips to deal with anger that will work for you

  • Make some changes in your lifestyle- In most cases, stress gives way to anger, stress takes different forms in different people, some people overeat, some develop headaches, but most commonly it takes form of frustration which eventually gives way to anger. Reduce the pace of your work, try and cut down on monotony. Exercise, eat right. If you work, take breaks to read something nice online. Or simply chat up with someone next to you. These could be starters. 
  • If in case your pattern of anger keeps repeating, try and identify some causes that irritate you. It could relate to a particular event which happens again and again, or your child annoying you after work or some noise. Anger simply needs a trigger to build burst and destroy. Identify the trigger and make a conscious effort of not getting irked by it.
  • If you still get angry, take deep breaths and simply walk away from the scene. You do not want to hurt someone and repent about the damage you have caused in a fit of rage.
  • Try and get work on relaxation techniques, divert your mind one way or the other. Remember it is you who knows your mind best. Help release the tension that builds inside, dance, go for a jog, and play with your children. Just do anything that will work for you. Music is a universal therapy to calm your mind.
  • Use humor, try and laugh at a silly joke when you feel a rising feeling of annoyance which will lead to anger or try and see something funny in your own anger.
  • Learn to accept differences in people and situations. Do not expect things to go your own way all the time. It may not. Not everything is under is in your control and can constantly appeal to your interest. Develop tolerance consciously, it helps.
  • It is your peace of mind that matters finally, ensure that at everything you do is directed at how you feel at the end of the day. Do not do anything that will feed your anger, do not nurture any feeling of hatred or revenge. Develop an overall optimistic attitude within yourself and around you. Feeling happy always stems from within, the more you feel happy lesser you harbor any negative emotion.
  • If you still feel, your temper spins out of control, you may seek the help of a doctor or a therapist.

Most of these tricks to control anger are internal. Tell yourself and begin today. You will soon see a change within yourself and those around you.