Tips to dating and relationships- It can be quite simple!

dating tips

 It is but one of the laws in nature to seek companionship, all of us do it at one point of time or the other in all our lives. We do need a certain someone to share all our joys and sorrows with. Now this “need” is really felt as one blossom into adulthood, baby steps into teenage rings a few chords within the mind and body which was so far not felt and unknown. For the first time, there is a special spark flying in the direction of the opposite sex, and you are increasingly drawn towards someone of your liking. 

You now cannot wait to speak to that person and ask him or her out for a date. Exciting phase indeed!

Step out, read the following tips-

  1. Do not simply walk up to the person with all the obvious signs of having been floored and jump into asking him or her out. It’s a big turn off. 
  2. Attempt to genuinely know the person and find out if the person shares common interests with you and if you can really get along beyond a few stray dates.
  3. And if you do feel like proceeding, do not make any fake attempts in desperation to impress or find common ground. Be yourself and feel the pulse of the person with you!
  4. If your date is ready to get out with you already, choose a place that is well lit comfortable and choose a time that is comfortable for both of you. Men! Offer to pick your “date” up!
  5. Never look made up or dress over the top for a casual date out. A strict no-no to revealing clothes and jazzy makeup; it so does not go down well with your “date”.
  6. Make pleasant conversations do not tread onto controversial topics that may trigger arguments and causes the other to run! It is somewhat easy to get carried away in the heat of a discussion, be wary.
  7. When you do make a compliment, ensure that you mean it. Mere “Lip-service” can be sensed and can really put down something that started right on the mark. You do not want to come this far and ruin it, do you?
  8. Try bringing in an element of humor, if the other person is really shy. Crack some nice jokes, these warm-ups the other person. Nothing helps more than a hearty laugh!
  9. As you wrap up, do not fail to mention that you had a nice time, and if you do intend to follow it up with more outings, mention it in your own way.
  10. Once again attention men! Offer to drop off your ladies on your way back, small gestures come a long way.

If a date does not go your way, do not fret yet. Stick your rules of playing a fair game. Dating can be fun!