Tips for Effective Parenting

parenting tips

We know the importance of parenting as children develop their behavior at an early age. The childhood period can determine how the kid will turn out to be. Not just the kid, even an adult needs parenting in many cases. And everyone regrets if their child grows up to be a spoilt brat. And it’s all on you. You are solely responsible for the negative or positive behavior of your child.

It totally depends on the self-sufficiency of a child for whether he needs parenting or not. Although you should stay prepared. Guidance is very much necessary for children to become the right person.

Now when you think about parenting, you need to start with understanding your child. What he is like, what is he interested in, how you can engage him in serious conversations. All these things are essential before you start giving him lessons. More than that he should find comfort in you rather than a teacher. So look for a way by which you can teach him values in a friendly manner.

To help you with that here we give some golden tips that you can use to parent your child right now!

Tip 1: Have some quality time

parenting tips

You got enough time for everything in your life, but it will bring you no good if you don’t prioritize it. Giving your child enough time is probably the only thing he would want from you. And it’s not very hard when you think about it. No matter how busy you are is, you can always wake up 10 minutes earlier.


It is is important because all the kids need attention from their parents. Often neglected kids carry the grudges and misbehave when they grow up. You may not see it now, but if you are not giving him attention, he is soon going to walk on the same path. There should be better transparency between you both, so you don’t grow distance. Your child should not fear you, and the only way he can do this is by knowing you better.

That’s the main motive of this tip. Help your child know you better by talking to him every single day. Go shopping with him, play games, or even for a walk. Trust me these little things matter a lot for your kid. And he will always feel cared for because you can never avoid him this way.

Tip 2: Appreciate when your child is good

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Honestly, kids know very little about the world and how cruel it is. They need to see the value of honesty and goodness that is still left. And that’s why you need to appreciate him more and more for every little good thing he does.


Even if it is the smallest thing, you can imagine. Like when you see your boy finish his whole meal without your assistance. Or when you see him taking care of his younger sister patiently. Everything counts. Whenever you catch him doing something right, you should tell him, “That was terrific what you did! Caring for your little sister by yourself, you really are a gentleman”. It’s all about focusing on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative ones. That’s how your kid will grow up to be an honest and decent human being.

Look for a reason every single day to appreciate him. He needs to know that he has that capacity of being noble. And only you can give him that. By encouraging him, you also boost his self-confidence and self-esteem. It will all be perfect for your child if he gets a dose of appreciation every day from his loving mother.

Tip 3: Have limitations in your discipline

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It is essential to teach children about self-control in early ages. Often people lose their temper or go on a wrong path because they were not disciplined enough in their childhood. Nobody wants their kid to become like those.


Discipline is vital in early teenage years. Self-control can teach your child how much of what is moral for him. It will help him become a responsible person.

But here comes the drawback. You don’t want your child to become angry and too much in control because of the discipline you put. Some house rules can help him as- first homework and then play. Do not hit the elders, or tease others. These are all acceptable and necessary. But putting too much of discipline for every little thing can really make him lose the temper. A child can easily snap and spoil himself if he feels restricted.

Learn the art of discipline in your child without making him feel restricted. That’s the only way you can teach him how to to become mannered.

Tip 4: Show your love

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Remember this that too much love can never spoil your child. Only what you give him in the name of love can ruin him. For instance, avoid giving him expensive presents or material because that way, you will just pamper him. Teach your child how to learn and earn his gifts. If you don’t do that, your child will just become ruined in no time.


Showing love is as easy as giving him hugs or having a long conversation. If you show some simple acts of love like hugs and kisses, it will release a feel-good hormone in him. Oxytocin will give him a sense of emotional warmth, calmness, and comfort. These all will deepen the relationship between you and your child. That’s why this is the first thing you should do every morning. You can either wake your child up by giving him a forehead kiss. Or you can tell him ‘I love you’ when he does something cute for you. These little things will remind him that you love him, and you are always there for him no matter what. And the fact that he will obey your every command because he loves you will take your parenting to the next level.

Tip 5: You are role model

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The first person a child trust is his parent. Make sure you are everything you want your child to be one day. Kids will watch you every day and take each and every clue from you. You may not know this, but they observe every little thing.


Not only they observe you, but it will also fit in their subconscious mind. And over the years will develop the same nature. If you pass negative comments on someone, or if you are lazy, your kids will always see that.

You should try to become someone your child admires. He should always see the good in you. Don’t forget, children remember actions more than words.

Be social with others in front of him, so he turns into a confident person. Have a friendly nature and appreciate others. Do not lie or disrespect others. Another easy thing is to show kindness and give compliments. Be brave in front of him. Even if you are not like that, try to act like that. It will really help your child become the way you behave. So make sure you do all the good deeds you want your kids to do when they grow up.

Tip 6: Do not let go of your child

best parenting tips

This tip is last but definitely not the least. Now you can do every possible thing to turn your child into a good one. But there is always a chance for things to go wrong, or your parents don’t work as you expected. In such a case, your child may act differently that you never wanted.


Here you are the one who can support him. Remember, things can always be brought right to the track with proper care. All you need to do is hold on to kids and do not give up. By showing them goodwill, humor, and emotional support, you can remind them that everything can still be ok if they believe.

The grass will look pretty on the greener side, but what will you do if it doesn’t anymore? You are the one your child will look up to when he creates a mess. And it’s your responsibility then to trust and support him. Because that’s when he needs your help the most. This is where many of the parents build a crack with their child. They can’t just bear that their child can do something horrible. But in the real world, everything is possible. And believe it or not, you will have to deal with it. So consider it the most crucial tip of your life that is to never give up on your child.


Being a parent is undoubtedly no piece of cake. If you go through the parenting tips, there is an excellent chance you will make it! You are that opportunity for your child needs to shine. To become an honest, responsible, mature, and a right person whom everyone appreciates. And it’s all on you so choose wisely how you grow your kids.