Self-confidence defines you- Tips to gain confidence in yourself

If not you, then who? If you do not believe in yourself, who else do you turn to? Have you ever thought on these lines whenever you feel low on confidence?

The amount of belief in you have in yourself forms the basis of your personality, a person who is in constant self-doubt comes across as weak and fickle-minded and incapable of standing up for himself or herself. Well for most of us this sort of a phase is temporary; low self-confidence can be primarily triggered by failure or the lack of capability to cope up with failure. Without delving too much into the causes of low self-confidence, let us turn to a few tips that would help deal with this issue- 

Few tips to gain self-confidence:

  1. Learn to identify your successes. There is a certain something which everyone is good at rediscovering your talents and focus on them. Ensure that you focus your energies on achieving some nothing however big or small and credit yourself for the same. Remember that in most cases the feeling of being inferior is triggered by one’s own mind. Learn to identify it when it starts and kill it.
  2. Exercise regularly and stick to a healthy diet. Exercise boosts adrenaline levels helps in making one feel happier and healthier. 
  3. The mirror also plays a role! Look at yourself in the mirror, say good things about yourself and smile.  There are certain studies that indicate that the expressions on your face can actually encourage your brain to register certain emotions. So make the best use of them!
  4. Never feel envious or jealous; instead, focus on converting these negative energies to a positive one and focus on your strengths. 
  5. If there is a rising feeling of insecurity in your head, grab a book and pen and write down a list of all the good things about you. Re-read the list and work on adding more items on to the list.
  6. Work on pushing yourself a little bit more, there are more positive outcomes than negative under additional pressure.
  7. It’s not wrong to indulge in some shopping therapy, do what it takes to make yourself feel good. Be careful not to overindulge.
  8. Stick to optimism at all times, when you hear yourself saying you can’t do something, stop yourself and say with confidence that you can. If you fail in case, there is nothing lost it still means that you have tried.
  9. Never get carried away by your mistakes and dwell on the past; they can block out your good points and destroy chances of improvement. 
  10. Never confuse what you have with who you are. Material possessions do not decide your worthiness, a beautiful heart and your attitude do. Tell yourself that.
  11. Surround yourself with a good company always, keep away from overly critical individuals who make you feel inadequate or insecure. They are probably doing that to feel good about themselves.

Your self-confidence levels are entirely in your control, there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you put your mind to it. Make a start today.