Tips to improve Kitchen Ambience

Are you happy in your kitchen? –Ideas to cheer up your routine in the kitchen.

ideas to improve kitchen ambiance

Food forms the most integral part of all our lives. Therefore an average homemaker seems to be spending most part of her day to cook first and cleaning up later. Day after day she has to repeat the routine to keep the family going. There are days you do not want to step into the kitchen and whip up stuff while the other days you drag yourself inside. One way or the other at the end of the day, you are cursing your life and all the chores you have to complete in the kitchen on a given day.

 All the above being said we all know that spending time in the kitchen one way or the other is inevitable. Have you ever wondered how to spruce up your daily routine in the kitchen? Read on for some ideas to making work in the kitchen a bit of fun and something you really don’t have to dread.

Keep stock of your pantry.

Make a systematic list of your grocery requirements for a given month. Ensure that you are not running around for a missing ingredient while you begin cooking for the day. Spend the first two days in the month in ensuring all your needs are in place. Among other rushes in the morning, you do not want to be complaining about something which is not available for you to use. 

Plan your cooking ahead.

Chalk out your menu. Schedule a majority of the cooking to be done when you are most energetic, that is in the mornings. Plan your cooking irrespective of weekdays/weekends when you know you have to anyway cook and feed the family. In fact, start early and finish on time, so that you also to get to unwind with your family on holiday. If there is an increase in items to be made or more than the usual quantity for whatsoever reasons, prepare for it the night/evening before the D-day. All this keeps you less flustered and just focused on execution.

Involve spouse/children in the kitchen.

On weekends and holidays, plan a meal that can involve your spouse and children. Of course, this will depend on the age of the children in your family, the slightly older ones can help cut up vegetables and other related chores. You can also take their help in cleaning up later. Any activity around the household is more fun when all of you are doing it together. This also will give you your much-needed break from the mundane cook and serve routine. All the members of the family would also learn to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into food/cooking on a daily basis. 

Decorate your kitchen space.

Try and grow a kitchen garden. You may start with small potted plants and proceed to vegetables etc depending on the space you have. Start with simple spices and slowly develop it later on. It gives you a nice and fulfilling feeling when you begin using your own produce. A mere look at those fresh nice smelling plants would give you jump start in the kitchen. Stick nice pictures around the tiles in the walls of the kitchen. Keep funny and cute decorative cutlery, ceramic pots and pans which give you a nice feel as you cook.

Music therapy.

Try and listen to music as you cook and subsequently finish up all your work. It soothes your nerves and before you realize you are finished with all the chores! 

Look forward to spending the best part of your day in the kitchen! After all, it may not seem to be as boring and monotonous as you see it.