Simple Tips to shiny White teeth

tips to improve teeth whitening

Your smile is precious

Your smile is the gateway to your personality, the more confident you appear when smile you come across to be as strong in personality. And you flash a confident smile automatically with a pearly white set of teeth, is it not true? A heartwarming confident smile not only blossoms relationships but also does a lot of good within; smiling more and lower aging!  

Is having to flash a confident smile as easy as it sounds? Just about the movement of a couple of facial muscles and there pops sign of infectious happiness waiting to spread cheer?  Well, all of it begins with a set of perfect teeth that helps exude confidence in the first case. But then on the contrary when you do smile, it is but involuntary that you smile out of heart, a wide smile simply means more visibility of your teeth. The fact still remains that the set of teeth you possess will certainly last a lifetime, provided you take care of it as much. Now on the contrary, when you know for yourself that your set of teeth is not really out there to make an impression, you automatically become conscious of your smile and attempt to cover your mouth in every instance of having to smile or laugh.  Strange but true, for more conviction look around yourself when in a crowd, there are many people out there spontaneously covering their mouths when they have to laugh! Such a killjoy is it?  

So what causes discoloration or yellowing of teeth, we must first know the causes and there on proceed to measures for having to avoid them. Begin reading on the following lines-

Tips to improve the teeth whitening

  • Strong foods such as caffeine, soy sauce, berries, and curries stain your enamel as they have a tendency to stick on to the teeth for a longer time. Indulge in more foods with fiber such as apples, carrots, spinach, broccoli, and lettuce. These are capable of removing stains by exfoliating teeth much before the stain elements attempt to stick to the enamel of your teeth. Whitening teeth the natural way!
  • It may look funny, but it certainly works! Use a straw wherever possible to consume beverages as far as possible.
  • Consult a dentist if need be and choose a good prescribed toothpaste that actually works on whitening the teeth. Do not get simply carried away by marketing techniques.
  • A good electronic toothbrush brings about deeper cleaning of teeth, even otherwise spend more time brushing your teeth in all directions especially in the mornings and before bedtime.
  • Consume more dairy products such as cheese and yogurt which contain minerals like calcium and phosphorus that can help in keeping your teeth sparkling. It also helps to keep tooth decay at bay.
  • Well, be aware that plaque between your teeth can harbor bacteria and also cause discoloration of the tooth. Make it a habit to brush after meals and also after bedtime. Good old habits are around with a reason, follow a brushing regime.

It is but a fact that a smile has the power to destroy cold walls of indifference, grudges, and light up lonely hearts in a crowd. It is the best conversation starter and rings in the best for you as a person. A winning smile is not utopian it just needs some extra efforts, flash a sparkly smile let go and watch wonders happen to you!